Welcome to NZScenery, the Autogen replacement solution for Ant Davisons NZ Photoreal!
For a long time I have always wanted to be able to have a fully vegetation and building covered New Zealand, there are products that do an extremely good job at replicating NZ scenery but I wanted to see something more, an entire visual masterpiece.

I came across Ant Davison’s NZ photoreal scenery…..once I saw that we had an entire photo coverage of New Zealand I wanted to enhance it and see how I could get it looking even better.

So I started working on how I can get the most out of what data is available and I worked for a long time to have the data in the sim. I have achieved this with some cool mapping techniques which allow some of the data to be processed in a way that would place it into the sim to fully bring it to life.

This product has taken over 6 months of work using a variety of geospacial techniques, this will be the most complete autogen addon NZ has ever had, from the top of the North Island to Stewart Island in the South.

The purpose and use of this software is primarily based around Ant Davison’s New Zealand Photoreal Scenery.
His scenery can be obtained here: Ant Davison’s NZ Photoreal

I have created both vegetation and building autogen that sits on top of this scenery, purely because the data I use and the manual pre-processing has all been created around the Photoreal Scenery.

Although this scenery does work with some addons, the shear size and magnitude of the autogen is designed as a single package to suit the entire NZ (photo) terrain.

If you have any issues, feedback, queries, or requests, please send them through and i’ll endeavour to get back to you with a response.

I will be making ongoing improvements and fixing anything that may need fixing. I will be providing fixes for the Autogen Scenery free for existing purchasers.


+ Entire coverage of New Zealand landscape.
 Autogen placement based on highly accurate real world data.
 Custom annotation to enhance some vegetation areas.
 Millions of vegetation objects.
 Parks and golf courses are populated with isolated tree groups.
 Nearly 2 Million residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.
 Highly accurate placement of building and vegetation autogen.
 Seasonal variation for vegetation textures.
 Handpicked default textures to best reflect a given vegetation area.
 Compatible with 3rd party Autogen Tree textures i.e Orbx HD Trees, Natural Tree Environment X
 Vegetation variation across the country, with a multitude of tree types.
 The autogen density has been increased to give a more realistic feel.
 Compatible with NZ ORBX Sceneries (ORBX scenery and objects will show on top of Ant’s Photoreal and         NZScenery Autogen).
 Compatible with other NZ photoreal sceneries (You need to copy the AGN files into the respective photoreal     scenery).

 Broadleaved Hardwoods
 Deciduous Hardwoods
 Exotic Forest
 Gorse and Broom
 Indigenous Forest
 Manuka and/or Kanuka
  Native and scattered Scrub
 Mixed and Sub Alpine Shrubland
 Woody biomass grassland
 Tree points (isolated trees)

​ Residential
+  Commercial and Industrial
+  Power pylons

Once purchased, you will receive a download link within one hour.


LATEST RELEASE 12th March 2017
This version is a complete overhaul of the NZ Scenery Autogen Project and will need to be repurchased, but, only at the cost of the old version.

Head over to my Facebook page for an overview on the changes.

Thank you for supporting the product!


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Ongoing support and enhancements!

Based on real world data covering Cape Reinga to the Bluff!